Laboratory Testing


Dr. Jada MacLeod offers diagnostic services at the clinic to help understand her patient’s health concerns and to monitor treatment progress. The following is a list of tests most commonly performed:


IgG food intolerance testing: 96 different foods are analyzed via a blood test in order to detect hidden food intolerances which could be contributing to symptoms such as weight gain, fatigue, chronic pain and digestive disorders.


Saliva hormone testing: helps us to assess thyroid, adrenal and female hormone imbalances.


Toxicity screening: measures the amount of heavy metal exposure in the body and accumulation in the tissues.


Liver detoxification assessment: monitors the functioning of the liver and how well the detoxification pathways are working.


Standard blood testing: cholesterol, thyroid, vitamin-status, hormone levels, etc.


In-house urinalysis: to detect the body’s acidity levels, kidney function and urinary health.


Zinc-tally test: to assess if patients are consuming and absorbing enough zinc.


Body weight and % body fat: the use of bio-impedance analysis to assess your body composition.


*All tests ordered by Dr. MacLeod are not covered by OHIP. For routine blood tests, Dr. MacLeod will often collaborate with your medical doctor.

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