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I have recently had an influx of patients coming to see me with infertility.  I am left wondering if this is because the statistics of infertility in couples in on the rise or just because couples are waiting until later in life to start a family.  I did some research and according to governmental research, the prevalence of infertility has remained the same.

About 10 – 14% of couples experience infertility, which works out to be over a quarter of a million people.  This figure is taking into consideration the couples who voluntarily become sterile (tubal ligation, vasectomy).   Of the couples who come to see me, most of them are between the ages of 32 – 43 and have been trying, unsuccessfully, for many months or years to get pregnant.  Technically, a couple should try for a baby for at least 12 months until they are considered ‘infertile’.

There are many reasons that a couple may be infertile.  Age, disease, hormonal imbalance and anatomical issues are a few of the main reasons.  During an initial appointment with a couple or an individual, I will make sure that testing has been done or is going to be done to fully understand their whole picture.  Often blood tests are ordered to assess hormonal fluctuations and to see if the woman is ovulating properly.  Special ultrasounds are also ordered via the fertility centre to make sure that the reproductive structures are healthy and able to carry the egg down into the uterus.

From a Traditional Chinese Medical perspective, I assess the overall balance of the women.  I take a very through intake and through all of the details of her health picture, I can understand where their may be an imbalance in her body.  Once I get all of the testing done and come to an understanding of what is at the root cause of the imbalance, I use a combination of herbal therapy, acupuncture and lifestyle/dietary changes in order to bring about balance.

Fertility is one of the measures of optimal health.  I find that once women are put on a path that will lead to optimal health, their chances of conceiving are much improved.   If you are experiencing frustrations with becoming pregnant or have already been diagnosed with infertility and would like to explore alternative therapies to help you in your quest to having a family, call the clinic to speak to myself regarding your case and to see if I can help you. 613-688-9898.

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