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Natural Fertility Workshop

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Naturopathic Medicine is a distinct approach to health care that utilizes natural therapies to support and stimulate the body’s innate healing capacity. This system recognizes the integrity of the whole person, including physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects. The practice of naturopathic medicine emerges from five underlying principles: First, do no harm. Act in co-operation with the healing power of nature. Address the fundamental causes of disease. Heal the whole person through individualized treatment. Teach the principles of healthy living and preventative medicine.


In her treatments Dr. Jada draws on one or more of the following healing therapies to individualize a protocol for each patient’s unique needs.


Fertility & Preconception Care

Naturopathic medicine is a key part of optimizing fertility. Whether you are open to conceiving in the near future and would like pre-conception care, or you are currently receiving conventional medical treatment (including assisted reproductive techniques), naturopathic support can dramatically improve your chances of conception and carrying a healthy baby to term. Our therapies can help those with unexplained fertility concerns, endometriosis, PCOS, POF, hormonal imbalances and irregular cycles.


As a Naturopath, I aim at understanding and treating the root cause of your challenges conceiving.  During our first visit I will take a thorough health history as well as look over any testing already done through other specialists or family physicians.  If no testing has been performed, I may suggest we explore hormone levels on specific days of your cycle or other factors that may be at play.


Once we have a better idea of the whole picture, a plan is discussed and we allow the body 3-6 months to restore it’s ability to conceive naturally.   A treatment plan will most likely include nutritional changes, herbal support, acupuncture and mind-body awareness.  My goal is to create balance and vitality in a holistic way with very gentle therapies.

Natural Birth

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